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Grachik Zhamkharyan, school № 333, Moscow.
Teacher of English: Shevchenko Ekaterina Ivanovna.

Hello, everyone!
My name is Grachik. At the moment I am a resident of Kuzminki and I want to tell you about this nice district.
On the coat-of-arms of Kuzminki you can see a wedding towel of a blue colour with 2 yellow swans on it.
This is connected with the names of ancient saints Kuzma and Demian who patronized marriage, crafts and paultry. In Russia the day of Kuzma and Demian was considered to be a girl`s holiday and it was called “Kuzminki”.
The history of the district goes back to the 17th century. Originally it was the property of the Golizyns, later during 1917 a lot of cottages appeared there. But the life of the district as it is started in 1958 when people began building modern 5-storeyed houses.
Now it`s quite a big district with the population of more than 120 thousand people and a well developed infrastructure. There are several very busy streets like Volgogradsky prospect.
Some people say that the ecological situation in Kuzminki is not good, because of air pollution. But you will be amazed to see the number of trees and bushes here! It`s a very green district indeed.
The first thing you see when you come to Kuzminki by metro is the metro station, of course. It was opened in 1966. Well, it also tells us about the “greenness” of the district as the walls of the station are decorated by the bas-reliefs depicting animals.
Kuzminki is famous for the numerous fountains. There are 26 of them here. One of the biggest fountains in Europe is situated here, its name is “The music of glory”. It was built in honour of the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic war.
There are a lot of monuments. The monument to Sergey Yesenin is one of them.
One more place which is dear to me is my school 333. It`s rather old, it was founded in 1963. It`s small, but very cosy and we feel at home there.


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