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Метелкина Галина Валентиновна.
Школа 1362
Учитель английского языка

Sokolinaya gora is one of the oldest industrial districts of Moscow. Its history lasts more than 300 years. The name of the region dates from the middle of the 17 century. There was an Amusing Falcon court yard in this place where falcons and gyrfalcons for hunting of Russian tsar Alexi Michailovich were kept. In the time of Peter the Great falcon hunting lost its popularity and the military village named after Semenovsky regiment appeared in this place. Since this time the place has also been called Semenovskoe. At the beginning of the 19th century the merchants and petty bourgeoisies settled down in this place the first factories appeared. The further building of factories and research institutes has allowed to name this district one of the leading industrial districts in Moscow. The district is unique now because there are more than 90 industrial enterprises on the territory of Sokolinaya Gora.
One place in our district is called Blagusha. It is named after the stream with the same name which means dirty water. In 1804 Blagushinsky grove became one of six state groves where the forestry was established. In the middle of the 19th century the grove was cut down and it became the area of brick-works. Some streets and bystreets of our district are called Kirpichnaya to commemorate this event.
There used to be springs with healing effect on the territory of the district. Izmailovsky zemsky hospital was founded in the middle of the 19th century close to them. Now it is clinical hospital №36. In 1908-1911 the church of Dmitry Solunsky on Blagusha was constructed. More than 3000 believers came to this church. In 1931 it was closed, turned into a factory and completely destroyed. It was returned to church in 1991 and has been restored.


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