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Веселова Мария Сергеевна
Средняя школа №1298 СЗАО города Москвы

Obninsk locates in the middle part of European Russia, in 90 km southward of Moscow. It is not very big city with 100 000 people. Obninsk is the second town in Kaluga Region. It is the young city. As a city it was built in 1956 near the railway station names Obninskoye.
Obninsk started to be famous in all over the world when the first atomic power station was built there. It was built under the direction of Kurchatov. The atomic power station was working 50 years but then, in 2002 it was stopped. On its territory there is an atomic energetic museum now.
At the moment there are a few science cities in Russia. A science city is a city where the government supports science. Obninsk is the science city №1 in Russia. There are about 20 scientific organizations and universities in this city. For example, a nuclear medicine has very high level in Obninsk.
A few ancient countries locate on the territory of Obninsk, the oldest of them are 500 years. One of these countries is Belkino. There is a old, big and nice church in Belkino.
Nowaday Obninsk is nice city. It has four main streets that form square. Obninsk’s streets and squares are wide. There are a lot of trees on the city territory. The oldest part of Obninsk really is in an original forest. My mother was born in Obninsk. I love this city very much.


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