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Tsarskoye Selo – St. Catherine Cathedral

Евдокимова Алла Степановна
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This magnificent five-domed cathedral stood in the center of Tsarskoye Selo until 1939. It was built by the order Tsar Nicolai I, under the supervision of architect, Konstantin Tone in 1835.It was a much reduced copy of his Temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow. Many of the same artists also created decoration for the Catherine Cathedral. The most significant and beautiful decoration of the interior of the cathedral was the gold-carved five-tier iconostasis, consisting of the religious paintings by numerous prominent artists. Among them was Professor Fyodor Bruni, whose famous works included “The Last Supper” installation, now on the display at the Catherine Palace.
Another prominent artist Egorov painted the icon “Reincarnation of Christ” and the icons of archangels Gabriel and Michael on the side gates of the altar. Feodor Brullov depicted Evangelists on the ceiling of the cathedral’s dome and in the Three Holy Ghosts icon. The main altar was also decorated by two remarkable art pieces: Van Dyke’s “Crucifixion“ and “The Holy Virgin“ by Paolo Veronese. In the east corner of the cathedral there was the last resting place of the hero of the Great Patriotic war of 1812, general Zakharzhevsky (1780-1865). At the consecration ceremony on November 24, 1840, the day of St. Catherine the Martyr the town square was renamed to Cathedral Square in the presence of Emperor Nickolay I and his son Alexander. The Cathedral could accommodate up to 2000 worshipers.
In 1938 it was closed and in June of the following year demolished with explosives. It was replaced by the statue of Lenin which stood for more than 40 years on the site of the cathedral.
At present the Cathedral of Saint Catherine the Martyr has been reconstructed. It is identical to its predecessor, as constructed by the architect K.A. Tone in the Russian-Byzantine style.
A solemn act of worship took place on June 27, 2010 during the celebration of the 300th anniversary Tsarskoye Selo. It was conducted by Patriarch Kirill.


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