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Лицей №4, 8б класс
Учитель Колесник Раиса Григорьевна

Ryazan, my city, my home

Lucky we are to live in a place like ours, full of natural beauty, rich in history and famous for outstanding people.
Ryazan is a city in central Russia. In the first half of the XI-th century Ryazan became the metropolis of cities upstream the Oka River. Although our town is not a big one, it attracts the attention of thousands of people thanks to the unique combination of provincial mystery, simplicity, openness and hospitality.
A unique place in the city is Lyceum #4. Our Lyceum was founded in 1958. The original building was designed as a city hospital, but later it was transformed into a school. It is situated next to the Kremlin. Now our lyceum is the centre of innovation in education, home for bright students and devoted teachers.
There are three protected areas of the wild here: Oka State Biosphere Reserve, the National Park "Meshchersky" and the state reserve “Ryazan”. The first one was established in 1935 to protect and increase the number of muskrat. The vegetation variety of the reserve is rich and varied. A black stock is the emblem of it. A numerous population of cranes inhabits the western part of reserve. Visitors have the opportunity to feed the aurochs.
Ryazan continues to live in its ancient monuments, churches and monasteries, temples and cathedrals. Ryazan Kremlin is the masterpiece of Russian architecture. Its destiny is inseparable from the history of Ryazan. It creates a unique panorama of the city and one could feel the presence of God and the spirit of nature. Unfortunately, time didn’t spare the earliest buildings of the Kremlin and they survived with major changes. But nowadays a lot is being done to save this pearl of Russian culture and pass it to future generations.


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