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Ryazan, interesting places

Ryazan, Lyceum №4, 8a form. Учитель Колесник Раиса Григорьевна.

Our city - our love

Everyone has his own homeland. Our homeland is Ryazan which is rich in wonderful nature, rich history and traditional culture.
There are many festivals that take place in Ryazan and near it and one of the greatest is «The Sky of Russia». People from all our country come to fly here and everyone can see the sky full of bright balloons. It is amazing at sunrise and sunset. And another popular holiday is art festival “Eseninskaya Russ” that is held in Konstantinovo. It consists of 2 parts- competition and master – class. It is great.
Mestchera is the pearl of Ryazan region It is situated on the territory of Ryazan, Moscow and Vladimir regions. This land was described by K. Paustovsky in his books.
Great number of lakes and rivers attract fishing lovers and those who enjoy gathering mushrooms and berries can visit Mestchera in autumn. There you can rest with family, walk on winding footpaths and enjoy the nature. There are 3 reserves here. One of the best-known is Oka biosphere reservation. Visitors can watch animals in their habitat.
Kremlin is the heart of our city. Its territory is surrounded by two rivers, Trubezh and Lybed. Several cathedrals and monasteries are located here. The Historical and Architectural museums contain brilliant collections of traditional costumes, objects of everyday life. The main attraction of Kremlin is “The Night of museums” - the night when all museums are open. It’s the night full of lights and magic.


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