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Светлова Наташа, 6Б класс ГБОУ гимназия №587 г. С-Петербурга (учитель Степанова А. П.)

My favorite place is town Pushkin or Tsar's Village, because I was born there. It’s a beautiful small town near St. Petersburg.
Pushkin was founded in 1724 for the Tsar's family rest in summer. The splendid palaces were built there and amazing parks were created for them.
I’m proud of my native town because it inspired one of the best Russian poets – Alexander Pushkin. He studied and lived here. My town has a very rich history. The fate of Russia was often decided there.
I admire Tsar’s Village, because in summer there are a lot of trees, wonderful alleys, beautiful flowers and green grass. There are five parks. The Catherine’s Park and the Alexander’s Park are more famous than the other. The most part of the Catherine’s Park is created in French style with its strict geometrical lines. The Alexander’s park is created in English style. It mainly consists of picturesque man-made landscapes. The Alexander’s Park is good for relaxation. I like to ride a bike in this park. Our family often goes for a picnic there. There are a lot of animals and birds in the Alexander’s Park. Squirrels and tomtits eat nuts and seeds from hands.
The Catherine’s Park is good for solemn walks, I think. It is majestic and extraordinary. It is a really magnificent Tsar's Park.
There are a lot of squares in the park. The space between the avenues and alleys is occupied by trees and full of flower-beds with bright flowers.
Pushkin is my favorite town because it always smells very nice: you can smell jasmine, bird cherry trees and lilac in spring. You can smell splay grass in summer. And in autumn you can smell cool yellow-red leaves. Only in Pushkin there is bright white snow in winter.
I like Pushkin because it is very cosy. Most of the houses in the town have only three or four floors.
I like this peaceful and quiet town. I like to come and live there.


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