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Leninogorsk, interesting facts

Учитель английского языка Мишечкина Екатерина Валерьевна, учащиеся Петрова Арина, Валиева Диляра, Хавратова Арина. МОУ СОШ №7 г. Лениногорск, Республика Татарстан

There are a lot of beautiful places in Russia. But the closest and dearest one for us is our native place. Because East or West home is best.
Leninogorsk!!! It lies in the south-east of Tatarstan and situated in a very picturesque place. If you want to experience the beauty and quite of a provincial town, it will be the perfect holiday destination.
Its history goes back to 1955. So Leninogorsk is 56 years old. It’s one of the developing economic centres of our republic.
Well, Leninogorsk has grown greatly during the last few years. People of different nationaslities live in it. Today it has a population of about 65 thousand people. And it is growing very fast.
We have done a lot. We want to make our town a nice place to live in. As a matter of fact, many new blocks of flats and shopping centres are built in Leninogorsk every year.
Tourists can enjoy a cup of tea with traditional chak-chak at the cafe in the open air in Tukai Street.
If you are hungry, you will go to the restaurant which is not far from here and taste national balish. It’s a finger-licking food. For those with a sweet tooth, the local pies are a must.
So you see that if you need escape from the stress of the city, Leninogorsk is just a place for you. It offers tired visitors a welcome and refreshing break from their busy lives. Nothing can be compared with our town!!!


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