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Бойко Татьяна, 11 класс; Мыльников Матвей, 6 класс; Воротина Лилия Александровна, учитель английского языка (БОУ «Вохтожская средняя общеобразовательная школа № 2» Грязовецкого района Вологодской области).

Vokhtoga is a big settlement in the Vologda region. It is situated near Gryazovets, 76 km south-east of the regional center Vologda. The population of Vokhtoga is over 6376 people. Our settlement was first mentioned in some written sources in the second half of the XVII century. It got from its name the Vokhtoga River which was called the Bear River. People worked in the forest at lumbering at that time. The rapid development of Vokhtoga began with the opening woodworking plant in 1954. It became the status of urban settlement on 10th February 1960.
In Vokhtoga there are some attractions such as The House of Culture, two monuments to Unknown Soldiers and a beautiful church of Archangel Mikhail. There are also two schools, three kindergartens and a specialized school. Not far from our settlement there is a sacred spring. People call it St Johan spring. It was used by population many centuries ago because of medicinal properties of water. There are theories that prove the holy virtue of the spring. For example, during the construction one of the builders had a sick shoulder and dropped it and into holy water. After some days the shoulder was fully recovered. You can come to this spring, bathe in holy water, and some of visitors will even cure various diseases. Near our settlement there is also the river Monza which is situated near the border of Kostroma region. In summer you can swim, sunbathe and go fishing there. Our nature is very beautiful .There are many kinds of plants and trees in our area, for example, blue cornflowers, water lilies, bluebells, oaks, maples, elm trees, limes. The animal world is very various: wolves, bears, foxes, wild boars, squirrels, raccoon dogs and other wild ani mals live in our forests. Many local residents spend their time hunting or fishing.


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