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Зелятдинов Данис Дамирович
ГОУ СОШ № 1210 с углубленным изучением английского языка
Ученик 2Б класса, преподаватель английского языка - Квашнина Елена Анатольевна

The most famous place of interest in Krasnogorsk is the ancient manor Arkhangelsk; build in late XVIII-th century. It is well-known for the park complex, and also palace ensemble, the work of the best architects of that time. Now the manor represents a museum with an extensive exposition including paintings, sculptures and crafts. Besides, here it is possible to get acquainted with a collection of rare books. The Uspensky temple that was built in the place of a wooden XVII-th century church of Uspenija Presvjatoj Bogoroditsy’s is also interesting. The first stone construction on this place was built only in 1879. In 1938 the temple was closed and partially destroyed, it was returned to believers in 1990. Now it also has a children’s parish school, chorus, a charitable dining room, and its own publishing house which issues religious literature.
There is also the unique Russian state archive of film and photo documentary founded in 1926. Its collection is the biggest in the country and totals about 40 000 films and about one million documentary photographs.
The Krasnogorsk can also be proud of the only Memorial museum of the German anti-fascists in Russia located in the building where the antifascist school operated during the Second World War. The exposition and museum funds include collections of a cold steel, uniform, a selection of military newspapers and leaflets, and also photographic materials of military camps. Besides, there is the cinema hall, a lecture hall, scientific library. In a word, the city is a rich historical center, and its monuments carry not only cultural, but also the scientific importance.


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