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Киекбаева Карина 8 б класс
МОУ СОШ №6, г Радужный, ХМАО
Мартынова Альбина Валентиновна,
учитель английского языка
высшей квалификационной категории,
педагогический стаж - 22 года

Raduzhny, the town of rainbows

If you start your journey from Moscow to northeast of the country and cross a distance of 3,800 kilometres you can find yourself in this fascinating town. Raduzhny is situated on the bank of the river Agan surrounded by marshes and thick forests. It is quite a young town. It was founded in 1973 due to the development of the oil fields in its aria. It was granted town status on March 14, 1978.
Why is Raduzhny called the town of rainbows? One of the legends says that the first oil workers, who came to the place, noticed how bright and colourful the scenery around the place was. A yellow-green pine forest, a dark and light blue river, white sand and numerous beautiful rainbows over the head inspired the people to call it Raduzhny. Nowadays, it proves its name by brightly painted blocks of flats and buildings. Moreover, rainbows in the sky in summer are a common thing for this wonderful town.
Raduzhny can’t boast any unusual sights, historical monuments or museums which attract crowds of tourists. But if you are interested in traditions and customs of native people Khanty and Mansi you can visit a museum of Local Lore. What makes the town particularly unique is its people: hospitable, warmhearted and friendly. Russian, Tatars, Bashkirs, Ukrainians, Caucasians live and work here hand by hand.
Raduzhny is rightly considered to be not only the most beautiful, but also the rapidly developing town of Western Siberia. Undoubtedly, it is the best place to live, work and raise children.


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