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Галюк Алина
7 класс ГОУ СОШ 204 Центрального района Санкт-Петербурга.
Учитель: Кошелева Светлана Михайловна.

I love thee, Peter’s proud creation…
A. Pushkin

St. Petersburg is an unusual city in many ways. We know exactly the date of its foundation, 27 May and the name of its founder, Peter the First. St.Petersburg is a young city but its short history is rich and interesting. It has attracted people from all parts of Russia and abroad.
There are many beautiful places in Saint Petersburg. As for me, my favourite place is Liteiny Prospect. I have lived here since I was born. It’s a lovely place for me. I often choose it as a route of my walks.
Liteiny Prospect is one of the oldest in the city. In 1711 Peter the First ordered to set up Liteiny dvor to cast guns and cannons. Liteiny Prospect connects the northern part of the city with the centre. There are cathedrals, palaces and office buildings in Liteiny Prospect. The first building (Liteiny 4) was erected by Vasily Bazhenov in 1771.
The new Arsenal (Liteiny, 3) was built in 1808 by Fiodor Demertson. He designed another building in Liteiny, the Church of St. Sergiy Radonezhsky. It was a monumental building with a bell tower.
A low building of Nekrasov Street (Liteiny, 36) has four memorial tablets on its facade: Nikolai Nekrasov, Nikolai Pirogov, Nikolai Dobrolyubov and Nikolai Figner. The memorial Nekrasov Museum was opened in this house in 1946.
Architect Bosse designed Princess Zinaida Yusupova’s mansion in Liteiny 42. The building is in Baroque style.
Liteiny flows into Nevsky. It is a very busy street with a heavy traffic and very few green spots.
Welcome to Liteiny Prospect! Enjoy its architecture and the spirit of Saint-Petersburg!


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