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Степаненко Елизавета
ГОУ СОШ №204 Центрального района

Степаненко Елизавета
My name is Liza Stepanenko. I’m almost 14 years old. I’m a student of school number 204 of the 8th grade. I live and learn in St.Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg is a mysterious city. Probably because it was built on the water. The water is one of the most mysterious elements. About 350 bridges were built through St.Petersburg rivers and canals. Each bridge is unique and attracts attention. For example the Foundry Bridge is considered as one of the most mysterious bridges in my city.
Recently it has celebrated its 130th anniversary. The Foundry Bridge connects the two banks of the Neva. Its name comes from the casting yard, located on the left bank in 1711. The construction of the bridge was accompanied by the loss of lives. Some people think that this bridge is bewitched. It is believed that at the bottom of the Neva lies the “bloody” boulder known as the ancient Atakan.
Historians said that in the mouth of the Neva tribes lived who worshiped this stone and brought it human sacrifices. People were tired of the victims and began to ask the assistance of the river. Stone was brought to the bottom. Many people think that there is a revenge of Atakan. But peoples’ deaths are not the most mysterious thing. There are rumors that some people saw the ghost of Lenin. There are other revolutionary heroes, who “walk” there. Stories associated with the Foundry Bridge are very interesting, but sometimes frightening.
Yet the Foundry Bridge is one of the jewels of St.Petersburg and you should admire it at the time of White Nights: this is truly a fascinating show, especially when the bridge is up. I invite you to Saint-Petersburg.


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