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Mолодцова Елена Дмитриевна, Санкт-Петербург ГОУ СОШ № 430 Петродворцового района. Учитель английского языка

Uglich is not my hometown, but it's a place where my Granny lives. I really love this pearl of Russian culture and architecture.
Last summer my daughter (she was 4) visited Uglich for the first time. And she also fell in love with this town. We wandered through the quiet streets, examined old wooden houses with carved architraves and high modern buildings. Once when we were passing by the church of Tsarevitch Dmitry she heard the bells ringing and persuaded me to enter the church. It made an indelible impression on her, she examined the icons, asked me about priests and their clothes, about the bells and the bell ringer. She called it a palace for God.
There are 17 museums and exhibitions in Uglich, among them the Uglich Museum of History and Art, the library of Russian vodka, Museum of myths and superstitions and Museum of chimes. But as my daughter was only 4, we decided to visit Uglich Handcrafted Doll Museum and we did not regret about it. It's rather small, but cozy and warm. There are about 100 dolls made by the local craftswoman Olga Pavlycheva. Her dolls are not Russian beauties in bright clothes, but charming and mischievous kids. Visit this museum and you will plunge into unforgettable world of childhood. My daughter's eyes shown with happiness when she left the museum with a doll in her hands.
It is a wonderful place to visit with your children. I'm sure you will find this town unforgettable.


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