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Chistoprudny Boulevard

Наумова Марина А. 6 «А» класс. Школа №1143. Г.Москва. Учитель Коростелева С. А.

Moscow has many parks, monuments, museums, malls and theaters. I will tell you about Chistoprudniy boulevard. It has many fountains, monuments, sculptures of animals made of metal. There is a row of trees, on which birdhouses hang. Menshikov, who bought the site in Butcher Street, in 1703 ordered to clean a pond of meat trade waste, which has since become known as Pure. The area occupied by Boulevard has been known since the XVI century, when the slaughterhouse – “beast yard” were settled there. Meat trade gave its name to the adjoining Butcher Street, and its waste pouring into the nearest swamp – “Infernal pond”.
Since 1699 a great mansion near Myasnitskie gate belonged to Alexander Menshikov. Meat trade was closed in 1710, and in 1723 and the massacre were taken away from the house of such important person. After the fire of 1812, the remains of the walls of the White City were demolished, the pond was cleared, and two hotels were built. The hotel at Pokrovsky Gates survived until our days, and at Myasnitskie - was demolished in the 1930s. There is a subway station and the monument to Griboedov in its place now.
We can see this place in the movie “Pure ponds” (1965) and hear the song D. and L. Fadeev Tuhmanova
“Chistiye Prudy” by Igor Talkov (1987):
Once you pass the Boulevard Ring,
And in thy memory we meet again, probably.
And the water will reflect a familiar face,
And my heart heal, and soothe the nerves.
I like to walk there because I see a lot of new and unusual.


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