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Данилова Алина, ученица 9а класса
Акиншина Ольга Эдуардовна, учитель английского языка
МБОУ Спасская средняя общеобразовательная школа
Рязанская область, Спасский район

On the high bank of the Oka river 50 km from modern Ryazan and 1.5 km from Spassk lie the ruins of Staraya (Old) Ryazan, once the capital city of Ryazan Principality. Historians consider Staraya Ryazan to be as old as Kiev (6th –7th cent.). During the twelfth and the thirteenth centuries Ryazan was a flourishing handicraft and trade centre. The town was situated along the “Great Waterway” linking the trade centers of the Baltic lands with the countries of the Orient up to China.
In 1237 the Great Principality of Ryazan was the first to bear the full brunt of the invasion of Khan Batu’s Golden Horde. All the towns of the principality were plundered and burned down. Their population was completely wiped out. The flourishing city was suddenly destroyed. Devastating fires spared neither palaces nor noblemen’s estates. The people sought their last refuge in the stone churches but everything was set aflame.
“And Khan Batu made war on the Rayzan land and set off for the town of Ryazan. And they closed tight round the city and fought for five days without respite...And it was at dawn of the sixth day that the pagans launched their final assault on the city: some with fires, others with battering– rams, still others with countless ladders. And they seized the town of Ryazan on the twenty– first day of December… Not a single soul was left alive in the city: one and all met their death.” ( Tale of Ryazan Devastation by Khan Batu)
Today one can see a ring of majestic embankments 3.5 km. in length. These embankments are the only remaining evidence of the location of the former town. The Worshipping Cross was erected on the high bank of the Oka in 1995. Staraya Ryazan is one of the main tourist attractions of our area.


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