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Амброс Ангелина Викторовна
ГОУ СОШ № 419 ВАО ДО г. Москвы.
1999 г.р., 6 «А» класс, учу англ.яз. с первого класса, учитель: Духин Виталий Анатольевич.

My favourite city

Our country is our home, it is large and beautiful. There are many cities in our country, the chief of which is our capital Moscow.Yury Dolgoruky was the founder of the city. The city stands on the Moscva-river. There are many historical monuments in our city. One of such monuments is the Kremlin. It is possible to see on the territory of the Kremlin: Tzar-bell. Its height is 6 meters and its weight is 200 tons. Neither in Russia nor in the world, or anywhere else there is another such a huge bell. It is so nice to visit Arkchangelskiy, Blagoveshchenskiy,Uspenskiy and other cathedrals. The walls of the Kremlin are strengthened by 20 towers. The main tower of the Kremlin is the Spasskaya Tower built in 1491 and it has front entry gate to the Kremlin. Its construction was supervised by an Italian architect Antonio Solari. The Spasskaya Tower is the main clock tower of the Kremlin. The clock was built in 1658. It was called the Spasskya Tower clock after the name of the Tower and it has 35 bells singing different tunes. Every 15 minutes over the Kremlin there is melodious chime, and every hour the large hour Bell strikes.
And also in Moscow it is possible to see numerous museums and theaters. It is necessarily to visit the Tretyakovskaya Gallery and in the Bolshoi Theater. Moscow is the city of students. Our city has been renewed in the nearest time. It has become yet more beautiful.


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