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Ермакова Анастасия 11 класс. МОУ Дмитровская СОШ №1 им. В.И. Кузнецова.
Директор школы - Чернышова Татьяна Алексеевна.
Учитель - Дубовская Елена Николаевна (высшая квалификационная категория)

I would like to tell you about my native town Dmitrov. Old Russian town is situated in Moscow region on the North from Moscow. The town was first mentioned in chronicles in 1154. It was founded by the rostov-suzdal prince Yuri Dolgorukiy and the name of the town was given in honour of the Yuri son’s Vsevolod, who has a Christian name Dmitryi.
Dmitrov had not only a strategic importance as a fortress, but it had an economical one. In the 15th century Dmitrov was one of the largest trading port. There was a trade route along rivers Yahroma, Sestra and Volga to the North. The main product was bread. The visiting card of Dmitrov were cakes and bagels.
Dmitrov was burned in 1180, but soon it was recovered from the destruction. By 1214 it was a big town with the suburbs. In 1301 the town was elected as a place for the Princes’ Congress. Soon after it Dmitrov was attached to Moccow, in 1364 it finally joined to Moscow Duchy.
During its history Dmitrov experienced many troubles and destructions. In 13-14th centuries town was destroyed by tatars and in 1610 it was destroyed by polish interventionists. During all the 17th century Dmitriv region actively restored, crafts and trade started to revival.
Horticulture was a traditional walk of life for residents. There were fish ponds in Dmitrov. The fish were gdowing for the Royal Court.
In 1781 Dmitrov became acourty town. In 19th century the industry started developing and the population of town was growing. The next rise of the town was connected with the construction of channel Moscow-Volga.
In November 1941 there was an attack of German Army. The enemies were divided at 29th of November and the affensive of Soviet Army began.
In 1960-1980 Dmitrov purchased modern features. In 2005 town got the first place in Russian contest “the most comfortable town in Russia”.


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