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Кондратьева Марианна Яновна,
учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ №2
с углубленным изучением предметов физико-математического цикла,
г. Дзержинск, Нижегородская область
Стаж работы - 8 лет, со 2-11 классы

To begin with, every small town has its own peculiarities.
No doubt, Russia is our home, but we should not forget about our small place where we were born.
Let me introduce a small place in Nizhegorodsky region. It is called Dzerzhinsk.
If you surf the net in order to find some information about our town, you will read that it is the chemical centre of Russia. There are a lot of plants here. It was founded in 1930. It is situated near the Oka that is a really beautiful river. Heavy forests with wild animals, mushrooms and berries, fields with flowers are near the town. It takes 15 minutes to get to the countryside. At the weekend people leave everything and try to enjoy the beauty of this place.
As for the town, it has many attractions. Dzerzhinsk is developing so fast. New houses, roads, plants, sport centres, shopping centres appear every year.
Dzerzhinsk is full of wonderful squares. One of them is Dzerzhinsky square. It is a real sight. On its territory you can see green trees, flowers, pretty statues (a peacock and swans), a monument to Dzerzhinsky.
Our town has a museum, two theatres. People often organize festivals, concerts, fairs. In my opinion, they bring something positive in our routine.
Every year we celebrate Town’s Day. It is in May, last Sunday. This day is a real event. In the morning people gather in the centre of the town to listen to mayor’s speech, watch a parade. Then people go for a walk, take part in funny competitions, taste local food, buy presents for their friends. In the evening we have a magic firework, watch and listen to a musical fountain.
Visit our town and you will see more!

  • The Oka
  • Our forest
  • Mushrooms in our forest
  • Dzerzhinsky square
  • A musical fountain


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