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Антонова Ирина, Гуляева Анастасия, Чижова Полина, 8 а класс.
Руководитель: учитель английского языка высшей категории, победитель конкурса «Лучшие учителя России-2006», Лапичина Людмила Ивановна.
Образовательное учреждение: МОУ «Гимназия №7», г. Торжок, Тверская область

There are more than 1700 estates in Tver region. But only 170 are in good condition. In the suburbs of Torzhok there are a lot of wonderful estates designed by Russian architect N. Lvov (1751-1803). Znamemskoye-Rayok, which was built in the second half of the 18-th century is a pearl of creation of N. Lvov. Russian architects K.Butsi and A. Trofimov, the Englishman V. Irven, an Italian architect F. Ruska took part in the work on creation of farmstead ensemble.
The estate belonged to the visible grandee of Ekaterina’s time, the senator, general F.I. Glebov-Streshnev. Znamemskoye-Rayok started to build in 1787. It was planned and laid out as the place of reception and rest of the royal persons on the way from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow.
The pergola joins the main house with four side outhouses and the gate, resembling a triumphal arch. Vast oval front court is at the core of the whole estate complex.
Beautifully painted vault of the main house and the portraits of the imperial family in the elegant moulded frames, underlining the owner’s belonging to the royal family, are the main decorations of the estate.
In front of the house we can see a graceful park, proceeding with the clear axial composition of the whole estate.
The most remarkable ornament of the house is two systems of ponds with cascades in the southern and nothern part of the parc. In the center of the upper pond of the southern system we can see an island.
The ancient Znamenskaya church, built in 1766, dominates above the main house of the estate.
Now the estate Znamenskoye-Rayok is being restored. We hope it will please the visitors with its greatness.


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