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Moscow Manege

Москва , ГОУ СОШ № 1400
Ученик 8 “Б” класса Салата Вадим
Учитель : Сульженко Н.А.

Moscow Manege is a historic building located between the Alexander Gardens and Mokhovaya Street. Since 1957, regularly used for exhibitions, expositions and other public events. Manege was built in 1817 on the occasion of 5th anniversary of Russia’s victory in the War of 1812. There was a Moscow fire of 1812 in the days of Napoleon’s invasion. The city, blazing for a week, was seriously destroyed. Manege was built in the place, where merchants shops had been before the war. Some time in Manege there were the tsar’s stables.
Since 1831 exhibitions and concerts have been taking place here. It is interesting to know that in the years 1865-1867 there was organized an exhibition of everyday life of all peoples living in Russia with the help of figures, dressed in national costumes. Emperor Alexander III visited that exhibition, but he called those figures ugly and quickly went away. In 1894 the Russians were escorted Emperor Alexander III on his last road.14 March 2004, the day of presidential elections in the building of Manege was a serious fire which destroyed most of the works of Russian theatrical artists. Subsequently, the building of Manege was completely rebuilt.
Interesting facts : According to the legend, the term “dormer windows” was born in 1817 in the construction of the Moscow Manege: A brigade of builders and theirs head – a serf Sluhov, who were working over the walls of Manege, gave the name of technological innovation. And also for the preservation of wooden structures in the early 19th century the whole attic was filled with tobacco at 0.5 m (against rodents and insects). According to the legend, all the tobacco was smoked by revolutionary soldiers after the Revolution.
Nobody knows Moscow well if you don’t visit such interesting historical and cultural place.

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