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Москва, ГОУ СОШ №1400
Ученик 8 класса Салата Егор
Учитель: Сульженко Н.А.

In Moscow there are a lot of places associated with the victory of our people in the war of 1812: Panorama “The Battle of Borodino”, Moscow Manege, Museum-Reserve and of course the Triumphal arch in Moscow, which I want to tell about.
Originally, the arch was installed on Tverskaya Zastava Square on the place of a wooden arch, built in 1814 for the official meeting of the Russian troops who returned from Paris after the victory over the French troops. Sculptural decoration of the arch made by the sculptor Ivan Petrovich Vitali and Ivan Timofeyev, who worked on the drawings by Osip Bove. The names of the founders, the history of construction and renewal of the Triumphal arch are recorded on the memorial iron plate set under the arch of the arch. The gate is decorated with allegorical sculptures of Victory, Glory and Courage.
However, in 1936 the arch was demolished, part of the sculptures were given to the Museum of Architecture in the Donskoy Monastery. In 1966-1968 the Triumphal arch was recreated at the new place - on Kutuzov Avenue next to the museum-panorama “Borodino”. Triumphal arches and gates symbolize the victory of the Russian people. During the construction of the Triumphal arch O. Bove used white stone from village Tatarovo near Moscow, as well as black iron castings.
Triumphal arch is a beautiful imbued with the idea of the triumph of the Russian people a symbol of victory for Moscow, it is the main monument of the Patriotic War of 1812 in the capital, it is the visible embodiment of profound gratitude to the descendants of the heroic victories. “Russia must solemnly remember the great events of the 1812 year war!” wrote Belinsky. And recreated Triumphal arch inVictory Square - the best proof of this.

  • Triumphal arch in 1848 year
  • Triumphal arch in our days at night


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