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ГОУ СОШ №1400 г.Москва
Попудняк Дарья 7 класс.
Учитель Пронина Галина Игоревна

There are a lot of interesting cities in our country. Somebody likes big cities, somebody admires calm small towns. I would like to tell you about my favourite town.
The town I like best of all is Aprelevka. Why? It`s a difficult question but I can answer it. My roots are here. My grandparents live in the town, my parents were born here. I visit Aprelevka every summer.
It is one of the most famous town in Naro-Fominsky district, Moscow region. 18701 people live here today. Aprelevka got its name from the river which runs through the town. There are12 streets which got their names from the months of the year. There are a lot of nice and picturesque villages not far from Aprelevka.
Aprelevka has its own newspaper. There are a lot of monuments and interesting buildings in the town. One of them is the sports center “Melody”. There is one of the most famous plants of records in Aprelevka. The plant produced 400 thousand records but now it doesn`t do.
There is a big church in Aprelevka. It was built here in 2002.My granny goes there very often.
There is the World War II monument in the town. You can see a lot of flowers at the bottom of it at any time of the year.
Today Aprelevka is getting more beautiful and modern town. You can get here by train or by car.


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