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Dmitrov, the youngest brother of Moscow

Строкач Ирина Петровна
Строкач Ирина Петровна,
учитель английского языка
МОУ Катуаровская СОШ
Дмитровского района
Московской области

Dmitrov is located along Dmitrov Highway 65 km. from the capital of Russia. It was founded in 1154 by grand duke Yuriy Dolgorukiy. Dmitrov was considered as a northern fortress of Moscow Principality. By that time the town was one of the fortified outposts of Vladimir-Souzdal Land.
There is no question the town has considerable advantages which make it one of the extremely interesting “cities-museums” and thus enables to consider is not only the cultural treasure house of Moscow region but of the whole Russia. It is accidentally, that the town as a “magnet” attracts tourists due to its interesting history which is connected with the history of Moscow, and due to unique historical and architectural monuments.
There is a monument of defense architecture – the earthen wall of the 12th century well preserved up to the present time in Dmitrov. The Kremlin remained as a core of the town and there is the main ancient building in the centre under its five cupolas roof Uspenski Cathedral. The Church of Saint Elizabeth built according to the neorussian style in 1898 is decorating the territory of the Kremlin. The second to be listed is a town architectural complex of the 16th-17th centuries located in the area of Boris and Gleb Monastery not far from the Kremlin.
The present Dmitrov is an ancient town and at the same time everlasting young one a real pearl in the “necklace” of the Northern part of Moscow region. Ancient times exist together with our contemporaneity, glorious past interlaces with a present time.
Once you visited our Dmitrov, you will definitely wish to come here again!


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