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St. Petersburg: the charming of the wells

Боднюк Анастасия Вячеславовна
Лицей 387 имени Н.В. Белоусова, Санкт-Петербург
Учитель - Рябошапка Елена Петровна
Увлекаюсь музыкой, играю на гитаре

St. Petersburg is really called the second capital of Russia, the actual “museum under the open sky”,the treasure of Russian culture. Our city is honoured by its own countrymen and admired by millions of guests from all over the world, but let me tell you about some of its unusual spots. I mean the unique piecies of architecture, which are 300 or 100 years. The beauty of St. Petersburg is great and overwhelms visitors. Hanging around the center of the northern capital, many people do not realize that the magnificent facades of old houses are kept wells, or county yards. Yard-wells are formed by walls of houses and have their outstanding magic. Often the building had two out puts. A facade “looked at” the street and black one “watched” the inside yard. This is parallel dimension of the city, which has the dark wells, blind alleys, monuments and entire informal workshops inside. One of the more unusual monuments is “Tower of griffins”. Few people know about this strange place. If out turned this point about the towers and make a wish, it comes true. The diversity of our county yards creates a real unique spirit of the city. They may be huge, tiny, old and renovated. The most of them, I suppose, is worth visiting. You are welcome!


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