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The theater of the drama and puppets “The Holly Fortress”

Трифонова Полина Олеговна
г.Выборг, 10 "Б",
Учитель Душеина Татьяна Владимировна

I would like to tell you about Vyborg local theater. Our theater is relatively young. The history of the theater begins in 70-s of the XX century, when the students of Saint-Petersburg theater university decided to make their own puppet theater after graduating. Yuri Labetskiy has been the director of the theater since its foundation. Initially this theater was intended only for children and it had only puppet performances. But soon, in 1999 it has shown its first dramatic performance “Eight women”, based on the novel by Robert Thomas. This performance was awarded with the Golden Soffit. The theater also had this award for performance “Bolero” and it was a laureate of the Golden Mask. And after 1999 the theater becomes dramatic too and after that it changes its direction and makes a lot of performances. And nowadays it is very popular in our town, many young artists and directors perform in it, so theater’s heart is beating and it lives a full life.
As for me, I don’t even remember the first time I visited it. As I said, our theater is great for children and I guess that I saw all shows for kids. And nowadays I visit as many performances as I can. I watched “Romeo and Juliet” a couple of times and I can say that it is my favorite. I saw almost all shows and I didn’t dislike anyone from them all. Actors play is fabulous, director’s work is incredible, music and decorations are fascinating and it must be seen. I wish I could see all shows and I’m sure that I will. Our theater is one of my favorite places in my town and I would recommend to visit it if you are in Vyborg.


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