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Alexandrovka. Karelia.

Кобзев Артемий 4 класс ГОУ СОШ №1400, г. Москва
Учитель Пронина Галина Игоревна

Last summer I was in Alexandrovka, in Karelia. I am impressed by it. This picturesque place is located not far from the capital of Karelia Petrozavodsk.
Alexandrovka is a resort area on the bank of Lake Petrozero. The water is clean and cold in the lake. There is a very interesting place for children. It is a little animal farm. You can see a lot of geese, horses and cats there. It’s pleasure to play with them and ride horses. I will remember motor boat trips with my parents for a long time. We visited the natural park named after the famous waterfall Kivatch. There is a legend about two sisters-rivers which ran away from their father Lake Onego. First they were going together, then one sister wanted to find a husband and went by her own way. She met Kivatch waterfall and fell in love. But he didn’t like her. She had no choice but to come back home. The second sister went over Karelia and came back to her father. The map proves it. All roads lead us to home. I liked Karelia very much. It would be great to visit it again.


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