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Moscow. The Diamond Fund of Russia.

Трутнева Анна Владимировна
Руководитель: Калмыкова Марьям Масумовна
ГОУ СОШ № 838

My name is Anna Trutneva. I am a curios girl, thats why I like visiting museums. The Diamond Fund of Russia exited me a lot, so I would like to tell you about this wonderful museum. The Diamond Fund of Russia is a collection of rare masterpieces of jewelry of the 18th-20th centuries, rare precious stones, gold and platinum nuggets of great historic and scientific importance. It is one of the few treasuries in the world that house unique crown jewels. It was founded by Peter I in 1719. He sad that all value things especially coronation regalias belong to the government and safe in treasury, in chest under 3 locks. It was moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow during The Second World War. Now you can see it at the exhibition with the same name, in territory of the Kremlin. Among the most famous one are the imperial symbols of power: Crown, Power and Scepter; The Worlds famous Diamond «Shah» - one of the oldest Indian diamond with the remained medieval inscriptions; Diamond «Orlov» 189.62 carats; The gold nugget «The Big Triangle» 36 kilos. There is the most expensive crown in the world, belonged to Catherine II here. It is decorating by 5000 brilliants and 75 pearls. This is an amazing exhibition which you should visit.


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