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Moscow, Poklonnaya Hill

Поворознюк Кирилл Александрович.
Класс:9б. Лицей №1586.

My name is Kirill Povoroznuk. I’m a pupil of the 9th B class of lyceum №1586.I live in Moscow with my family in Universitetskiy Avenue.
I’d like to tell you about my native city, Moscow. I’ve lived here since my birthday and I love it. There are a lot of sightseeings and places of interest in Moscow. One of them is Poklonnaya Hill. There you can find a magnificent monument devoted to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. It is a stella where all cities-heroes are written. The sculptor is Zurab Tsereteli. Also there is a museum of the Great Patriotic War with a panorama and exhibitions. A lot of tourists come to Poklonaya Hil every day. At this place all great holidays are celebrated. There are a lot of concerts, fairs and entertainments. On The Victory Day(on the 9th of May) veterans come here to tell young people about the war. And in the evening you can see spectacular fireworks in the honor of veterans
I also want to tell you about my favorite monument, which is located on the corner of Rustavelli Street. This is the monument dedicated to the melted cheese «Friendship».At the bottom of the monument there is a crown and a fox, the heroes of the tale by Krylov. They are sitting holding a large piece of cheese.
As for me, Moscow is the best and the most beautiful city in the world.


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