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Dubtsi, Moscow region

Кораблева Анна 7 класс ГОУ СОШ №1400 г. Москва
Учитель Пронина Галина Игоревна

Some people live in cities, some people live in the country. It does not mean they like only the place where they live. I live in Moscow. But my favourite place is Dubtsi. I think not everybody knows the village in Moscow region. My grandparents have been living there about twelve years. I visit Dubtsi very often and of course, I have a lot of friends there. The village is very nice. There are a lot of old and modern houses in Dubtsi. Our village is rich in picturesque fields, forests and interesting people. Like in every Russian village there is an old church with its history. There is a lake in Dubtsi. It is great to swim there in hot summer. The lake has a very interesting legend. A beautiful girl lived in Dubtsi many years ago. One day she met a handsome young man who had nice eyes. She looked into his eyes and realized she fell in love. For a long time the girl had been trying to charm the man, but could not. One morning the girl saw the man was kissing her mother. The young girl jumped into the water and died. They say the young girl comes to lovers on the 15th of March (it is the day of her death). If they see the girl, it means their love is real. You see there aren’t special historical places in Dubtsi. But if you need a place to relax, if you want your heart to calm, welcome to Dubtsi.


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