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Nikishin Grigory Ivanovich

Никифорова Татьяна,
ученица 9 А класса МОУ СОШ №6 г. Лениногорска республики Татарстан.
Учитель - Сабитова Л.М.

My name is Tatiana Nikiforova. I was born in a small, but a very beautiful town Leninogorsk in the Republic of Tatarstan. There is a saying "History is made by people." One of such outstanding men in our town is Nikishin Grigory Ivanovich. He made a huge contribution in the history of our town. He was one of the most wonderful men, the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, the teacher-researcher, the honorable citizen of Leninogorsk.
Nikishin Grigory was born on the 25 September in Upper Fedyaeva Uslonskogo region in TASSR. There were 10 children in the family, he was the third child. He studied well, but his education was interrupted by the war. In 1942 he was enlisted for the Army, and at the end of February he went to the front under Rzhev (at that time it was the hottest spot.) He was awarded with two Orders of Glory (second and third degree), two Orders of Red Star, 3 Orders of the Patriotic War and a lot of medals. He was a participant of two parades in Moscow.
During the peacetime, he worked as a teacher at our school, and was the founder of the museum. For many years he and his pupils found out a lot of materials, visited towns and cities, not only in Russia but other countries. On the eve of Victory Day the Museum "Native Land" was opened . "The museum is my fate,’’- said Grigory Ivanovich. There are a lot of pictures, photos, exhibits . All of them reflect amusing and interesting facts.
He died in 2008. A memorial plaque was placed on the house where he lived the last days of his life. He is an example for the young generation.


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