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Kuprovo, Moscow region

Гольцев Роман 5 класс ГОУ СОШ №1400 г.Москва
Учитель Пронина Галина Игоревна

I’d like to tell you about my favourite place in Moscow region. It is Kuprovo. The village is situated on the banks of the Protva. The river is very cold, but when it’s hot we like swimming in the river. Kuprovo is neither big nor small. There are about sixty houses there. Every house has its own interesting decorations: windows in Russian style, a little garden in front of every house and even small wooden sculptures. In Kuprovo there are some interesting places, which you can see almost in every Russian village. But they are in my heart. There is an old church near the graveyard. It is about two hundred years. My grandparents remember the times it worked. There was a very old tree on the bank of the Protva. As it was old it fell down some years ago. I liked sitting under the tree with my friends. The most remarkable place is Borodino Field, which is not far from my village. It takes us thirty minutes to get there by car. Everybody knows there was a fight of Russian and French armies in 1812 and the field is visited by thousands of tourists every year. I’d like to mention a monument to the Soviet Pilots which was built after the great Patriotic War. It is situated near the Minsk road on the 90th kilometer from Moscow. Kuprovo is my native land.


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