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Mukhin Balka

Kate Batunina
Age: 12
City: Rostov-on-Don
Gimnasium: 52
Form: 6B

I want to tell you about Mukhin Balka, a big museum on the open-air, in the suburbs of my native city Rostov-on-Don, near Aksai. Generally, it is a military-historical museum with the set of equipment of the times of the Second World War. It was founded in 1998.
Somewhere under the hills of the museum there are the bunkers SKVO, more than 3km long. They were used as a refuge during the war, of course, there were supplies of food, water and other things, necessary for survival. So, it was possible to survive for 3 years there. Besides there are monuments, tablets with the information about the war heroes and even some safe ammunition in many large halls of the bunker.
In huge territory of the museum there are a lot of various military equipment. To the left of the center the planes are placed, and some of them still can fly! To the right tanks, cars and guns are located. Some guns can shoot so far, that their shoots can even reach Rostov! The equipment and guns are divided by a streamlet, which turns into a small lake in a couple of meters.
Moreover, there is a hill on the territory on the Mukhin Balka. If one gets on it, it is possible to see the suburbs of Rostov and Aksai from it.
Near the location of planes, under the trees, there is a place for picnic on the bank of the lake. Even in the hottest day it is fresh and cool there! I like this place, as only here it is allowed to get on the equipment and to touch the guns! It is a pity, that it is possible to reach it only by the own car...


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