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Saint Petersburg. “A Poor Fortune” Of The Emperor Peter’s Travel Palace in Strelna

Малышев Николай
Лицей № 387 имени Н.В.Белоусова
Елена Петровна Рябошапка

Saint Petersburg, the Northern capital of Russia, and its suburbs make us feel a real unique spirit of the city. Strelna, situated 19 km from the city center on the south shore of the Finnish Gulf, was chosen by Peter the Great as a place for his future summer residence in 1714. Jean Baptiste Le Blond, famous for his work with André Le Nôtre at Versailles, was commissioned to prepare designs for the would-be palace and park. The Travel Palace was the first to be built in Strelna. Inspired by the picturesque surroundings of Strelna, the tsar planned it to be the main naval residence and wanted to erect a magnificent palace, arrange beautiful cascades and grottos, and lay out a wonderful park. The projects of the future residence were worked out by the prominent architect Leblon. The construction was being carried out at a rapid pace for a year when the Emperor switched his attention to nearby Peterhof, which had a more advantageous location. So, the Travel Palace’s lost its importance at once! What a pity! Nevertheless, Peter I used to stay there during his trips from St. Petersburg to Kroonstad. During the Second World War the palace was destroyed. Now it houses the museum. Among its exhibits are the portrait of Peter the Great, created during the lifetime of the Emperor, the patchwork blanket made by Catherine I, the collection of porcelain vases from Japan and China, the paintings of Western European artists and a lot more. The ensemble of the Travel Palace is still one of splendid pearl of my native city, Saint Petersburg.


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