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Паламарчук Юлия Михайловна, ученица 10 "Б" класса
МОУ СОШ № 11, г. Выборг
Учитель – Душеина Татьяна Владимировна

When people hear the word the Hermitage, they immediately think of the well-known museum in St. Petersburg. Fantastic as it may seem, we have the Hermitage in Vyborg now! It is a branch of the world-famous museum.
The Centre “Hermitage-Vyborg” was opened in June 2010. It is situated on a bastion of Pantserlax in a building constructed in 1930 by the leading architect of Vyborg Uno Verner Ulberg. He was the head architect in our town at the time when Vyborg belonged to Finland. The building used to be Art museum then. In the Soviet time it belonged to an architect bureau. The decision to create Centre "Hermitage-Vyborg" here became the beginning of the revival of the famous monument of architecture and returning it to the museum.
Centre “Hermitage-Vyborg” began its work with an exhibition “Great Ekaterina”. The Hermitage in St. Petersburg presented to inhabitants and visitors of Vyborg about 200 exhibits of the epoch of the empress – paintings, drawings, applied art and pieces of numismatics. It is planned to hold annually 2-3 exhibitions in the future. Now the museum houses Italian exhibition (baroque period).
The lecture hall of the State Hermitage began to work 3 years before its official opening in Vyborg, in 2007 on the premises of Children Art school. Lectures on history of world art were given by specialists of the Hermitage in St-Petersbourg.
All town inhabitants and visitors can participate in excursions, lectures and educational programs. The educational center is equipped with modern equipment to bring art closer to people.
Vyborg is one of few cities which have received a unique possibility of having a branch of St. Petersburg Hermitage. All the town citizens are proud of it and visit it with great pleasure.


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