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Пронина Галина Игоревна ,
учитель ГОУ СОШ №1400,
г. Москва

When you see Meshchovsk you understand: “Russia begins from such old little towns.” Meshchovsk is a town in Kaluga region, on the Tureya river in 12 kilometers from the motorway Moscow-Kiev. It will take you half and an hour to get to Meshchovsk from Kaluga by car.
The town was founded in 1238. In the 15th century it was renamed several times. You can meet its different names in historical documents: Mezchevsk, Mezetsk, Mezechesk and Meshersk. There are not so many places in our country, which have such an old history. The town overlived the Tartar yoke and raids of the Polish. That`s why a lot of strong men and warriors were born there. Meshchovsk became the mother land of two Russian tsarinas. The first Evdokeya Streshneva was the foremother of the Romanovs. Another tsarina Evdokeya Lopuchina was born in Serebryano, the village next to Meshchovsk. She was the first wife of Peter 1. Their love lasted only a year. You can find out lots of interesting historical facts during a n excursion around the town.
St.George monastery is located in Meshchovsk. It is over 400 years old. It was founded in 1608.There were lots of monks from Optynskaya Pustin. In 1923 the monastery was closed. Now it is renovating. The monks work and pray for Russia. There are some old and powerful icons, which help people. If you want to revalue your life, the history of your country and your thoughts, welcome to the holly land.


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