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Leninogorsk, From What Begins Our Motherland

Лениногорск, Республика Татарстан
Учащиеся 8Б класса: Патина Мария, Земскова Мария, Шабалова Александра. Учитель английского языка – Заплетаева Ирина Наелевна. МОУ «СОШ № 7 г.
Лениногорск», РТ. Размышления учащихся по теме «С чего начинается Родина»

What is the Motherland for us? It’s a place where we were born, a place where we live, a place where we study and meet the friends. We think it’s very important to understand what it means and what we can do to make the place better.
We suppose, it begins with our house and our native town. We were born in a small town in the south-east of Tatarstan, Leninogorsk. It is quiet and clean town, very beautiful, especially at the end of the spring and in summer, when everything is bright and green, and apple and cherry trees are in blossom. Of course it’s quite fantastic in any season.
We have a lot of interesting places. First of all, it’s our main square called Lenin Square, where we like gathering with our friends and spending our free time. There is a Culture Palace there. The concerts and meetings are usually held in front of it. Not far from it there is a fountain where moms take their children out for a walk.
If you go down Lenin Street you can see the Monument of Oil and to the right of it there is an Alley of Heroes. Leninogorsk is a native town for twelve heroes who gave their lives defending our Motherland during the World War II. Every year the 9th of May we are on a watch of Memory. We think we all owe them our respect and admiration.
If you still go down Lenin Street you can see some lakes and a pond where we usually swim and sunbathe in hot sunny days. Near the lakes you can find a Central Park where we like skating in winter and simply going out in any weather, because it’s a beautiful and peaceful site of our town, which is far from traffic and noise.
Come to us and make sure it’s one of the exciting and fantastic small towns in Tatarstan. We are sure you’ll never forget Leninogorsk if you visit it once.


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