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Moscow, district Kosino

Карпова Ксения Александровна
Школа №1925, 9Б
Руководитель – Карпова Инна Леонидовна

Kosino is an old district in the east of Moscow. It includes three beautiful lakes: the White Lake, the Black Lake and the Saint Lake. There are three Christian churches on the bank of the White Lake which were built in the 19th century. Nowadays Church servers are held there.
The young Peter I visited once Kosino and even thought to make the White Lake as a place of learning the seafaring. The landing-stages and boats were built. Up to nowadays the boat which Peter sailed on was kept. Once a year that boat is launched solemnity into the water. Music plays, cannons shoot in honour of this even. The holiday devoted to the founder of Russian fleet marine Peter I begins.
In the north of the Black Lake there were held peat works during the World War II. In 1999 a tank T-34 was found there which had fallen down under the ice in 1942. Now the tank is in the museum.
There is a famous legend about a Sank Church connected with the Saint Lake. But there is no documental information about it. On the banks of the lakes scientists have discovered a site of human habitation. The first mention about Kosino was in the 15 century. The origin of the word “Kosino” isn’t well-known until nowadays.
All the year the peasants drank water from the lakes. The water was very soft and delicious. Now inhabitants take good care of the lakes. One of the sources is situated near the Black Lake. And people often take water from it. The lakes are full of fish. In summer people living far away come to the lakes to have a good time near the water. In winter fishery under the ice is very popular here too. Time has changed a lot, but we mustn’t forget the history of these places.


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