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Coloured clays in Saskal

Столярова Ольга Ивановна, учитель английского языка высшей квалификационной категории, победитель конкурса лучших учителей России "Нацпроект-2007"; руководитель кружка "Я-дизайнер";
Зимина Наталья, Кузавкова Мария,ученицы 11 класса.
Место учебы и работы: МОКУ "Саскалинская СОШ" села Саскаль Шимановского района Амурской области.

Our village Saskal is situated in 74 km from Shimanovsk in Amur region. In 1.5 km from the village on the river bank of Bereya there is a picturesque place “Paint” (inhabitants call it «Краска»), which has a lot of multi-coloured clays (white, blue, dark blue, green, brown, an ochre, orange, black). Clay is viscous and soft as dough. Being fresh it has bright colour. Being dry it has various light shades. White, green, blue, orange, an ochre, black clays are fat. Clay is shining and slippery when touching it. It is difficult to wash it with water because it strongly sticks to hands. Sand isn't felt between fingers. But brown and dark blue clays have some sand. Clay possesses curative force. By means of clay headaches, illnesses of vessels, a gastroenteric path, skin are treated. Clay helps to heal deep wounds. Washing by clay water improves complexion and narrows pores. A radio-activity is a very important property of clay. Thanks to the radio-activity, clay has antibacterial and sterilizing action. Besides, ark blue and brown clays fully conform to the requirements for making of the hand-made things, for instant toys, the white fall short of. It is also possible to model the hand-made things depending on their sizes: it is better to model hand-made toys of small size with shallow and thin details from fat, plastic clays (green, blue, ochre, orange, black).


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