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Moscow. The Moscow Puppet Theatre

Участник – Ситнов Руслан Сергеевич
Руководитель – Калмыкова Марьям Масумовна
ГОУ СОШ №838

My name is Ruslan. My surname is Sitnov. I am a student of the 10th form. I am an average boy who was born in the capital of our Motherland – Moscow. Despite being a sixteen-year-old teenager I adore puppet performances for kids from 3 to 12 at the Moscow Puppet Theatre because they are full of kindness and sincerity.
This theatre is one of the oldest Puppet Theatres in Moscow which has been working for 80 years. It is located on the intersection of Spartakovskaya and Bauman streets. The artistic director of the theatre is an honored artist of Russia Vyacheslav S.Hooks. Magnificent puppets made of stone, bone, wood and clay on the facade and inside the theatre attract a great number of adults and children. Furthermore the repertoire is really wide. You can’t but appreciate each performance, because there is much fun and humour, real emotions, lyric and realism in every show.
Nowadays the puppet show is considered one of the main contemporary arts. That’s why a lot of spectators of all ages can spend an enjoyable time here watching doll’s shows which are brilliantly staged – music, scenery, costumes...
I strongly believe that this place is definitely worth visiting and deserves our admiration.


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