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district Novogireevo

Каменский Станислав Николаевич
ГОУ СОШ № 412 ВАО г. Москвы
Ученик 6 класса А
Учитель - Зайцева Л.А.

Hello to everybody!
My name is Stanislav Kamenskiy.
I was born in Moscow in 1999. I live in the eastern part of the city, district Novogireevo. The history of Novogireevo goes back to the 16 th century. Once there were thick forests and wild animals.
Now it's a part of Moscow with wide streets, modern houses, big shops and cinemas. We have a lot of places for sport and several swimming pools. In our district there is a theatre which is called «The theatre in Perovskaya Street», where very talented actors play. Also in our area there is a museum of Russian playwright and actor Aleksey Denisovich Dikiy. This museum is located in a wooden house which was his summer residence before. A. D. Dikiy is famous for his works in films «The Battle for Stalingrad», «Kutuzov» and «Admiral Nakhimov», where he starred.
Novogireevo is an industrial part of Moscow with lots of plants and factories which produce different things. Everybody knows the name of Russian chemist Dmitriy Ivanovich Mendeleev who invented periodic table. He worked at chemical plant that is situated in our area and you can see the table he worked at.
Novogireevo is a green district. There are a lot of parks such as Perovskiy, Sokolniki, Izmailovskiy and park Kuskovo. In Kuskovo you can visit the museum of china wears. Near my house there is a big square, where we meet with my friends, ride a bike and go roller-skating. In this square you can see the monument to the soldiers who were left without burial. It was constructed in 1992. On Victory Day people put flowers to the steps of the monument. I am proud of living in Moscow, because it is the capital of the Russian Federation. Moscow is my native city and I also like it because my family and friends live here.


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