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Ivan Granitsa
School number 1298, Moscow, Kurkino
Studying in 6th class
Teacher – Гаврилова Ольга Юрьевна

I was born in Mosfilm district of Moscow (administrative name is Ramenki division). This district is situated right near Vorobjovy hills (the old name is Leninsky hills) on the right side of Setun river.
It`s very old part of Moscow. The district has a great cultural history. Historically Troitse-Golenischevo village was located here. The first record of the village in chronicle was dated 1406. Many long years it was a summer residence of Russian Patriarchy. Very beautiful Orthodox Troitskaya Church was built there in 17 century. First it was wooden and since 1644 it has been stone. The Troitskaya Church exists till now. I had a christening in it!
Another historical fact of this place is concerned with Michael Illarionovich Kutuzov name. Country estate of Kutuzov’s family was situated here and Michael Kutuzov got married in Troitskaya Church.
Troitse-Golenischevo village has become a part of Moscow since 1940. And a lot of new points of interest appeared here in 20th century.
First of all the most famous Russian University (Lomonosov University) is located near the district. My mother graduated from the University with honors!
Secondly the biggest Russian film studio Mosfilm was founded here in the middle of last century.
Now it`s a modern district of Moscow. There are some many-storied buildings next to Mosfilmovskaya street. Besides it`s a diplomatic district now. A lot of embassies, consulates and trade delegates are situated along Mosfilmovskaya street.


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