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Гришин Матвей, ученик 11 «Б» класса
Государственное образовательное учреждение города Москвы
средняя общеобразовательная школа №310 «У Чистых прудов»
Учитель английского языка Беленкова Наталия Марковна

Zeleznodorozhny is a small town in Moscow region. There are a lot of parks, museums and other beautiful places for sightseeing and entertainment. I think that life in a small town is much better, than life in a big city. And the first reason is that small towns usually have better environment. Nowadays this fact is very important, because for example, in Moscow the air is polluted by transport exhaust fumes, and it can affect people’s health. Moreover I consider that some, people who live in Moscow want to move to Zeleznodorozhny, because they understand, that it is a wonderful place for living.
Zeleznodorozhny has a rich history. Previously till 1939 this settlement had another name: Obiralovka. It had this name due to the fact that local people were very hostile and robbed all merchants, who arrived here as well as all convicts who passed through the settlement to the exile in Siberia. Then it changed its name into the current one. In 1952 some nearby settlements and villages were united and Zeleznodorozhny town was set up. Nowadays Zeleznodorozhny is a modern town with a lot of industrial enterprises including a wood-processing factory, a cotton mill and others.
The main place of interest and one of the ancient buildings of the town is the Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord. The first wooden church was built in 1623. And in 1868 the construction of a new church made of bricks was started.
Zeleznodorozhny has a Town Folk museum with a great collection of pieces of art and a historical exhibition. Here visitors can learn that the local railway station was the place where the main character of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina” committed a suicide.
I love my town and for me it is the best place in the world.


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