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Савченко Марина Вениаминовна,
учитель английского языка,
МАОУ «Авторский лицей Эдварса №90»,
г. Ульяновск

Ulyanovsk... So much sense is in this word… "City of seven winds". City, which every year grows and prospers, providing stable future for its descendants. One can't help loving this city, admiring its broad streets, gardens and parks, being delighted with its heroic past… And though there are a lot of beautiful cities in the world, Ulyanovsk is the most special among them. It welcomes guests friendly, it has nothing to hide, but it doesn't show off. In Ulyanovsk you can find corners, which have remained from ancient Simbirsk, narrow streets and low roofs of old buildings. But they don't form the appearance of present day, Ulyanovsk is a large modern city, big industrial and culture center of the Middle Volga Region.
Name of our city is inseparably linked with the name of V.I. Ulyanov-Lenin, who was born here on the 22nd of April 1870. In Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk lived and created many remarkable writers: I.A. Goncharov, D.P. Oznobishin, S.G. Skitalets, D.V. Grigorovich; historian N.M. Karamzin; poets N.M. Yazykov, D.V. Davydov, D.N. Sadovnikov; satirist D.D. Minaev, many scientists, actors, painters, architects. In Simbirsk was opened one of the first theatres in Russia and one of the first public libraries in the Volga region - Karamzinskaya.
Every year on the 12th of June in Ulyanovsk is celebrated the City Day - the most favourite and desired holiday for all citizens. For one day streets of the city change: Karla Marksa Street turns into a large cafe in the open air, the square of the 100-year anniversary of V.I. Lenin birthday turns into a large concert ground, and parks and public gardens turn into extempore stages.
Ulyanovsk is worth visiting and all citizens are proud of it.


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