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Козина Светлана Владимировна,
педагог дополнительного образования по английскому языку
ГБОУ центр развития ребёнка – детский сад №2333, г. Москва

The State Darwin Museum is one of the famous and well-known museums in our country and all over the world. It is situated in Vavilov Street in Moscow.
Alexander Fedorovich Kots (1880-1964), the founder and permanent (until 1964) Director of the Museum, became a biologist when Charles Darwin’s study gained wide recognition in Russia. This was the reason he decided to create the first Russian evolution museum. In 1907 A.F. Kots transferred his private collection to the Faculty of Evolution of Moscow High-Level Courses for Women for the purpose of illustrating his Darwinism lectures. This year is considered the year of creation of the Darwin Museum. A.F. Kots’ wife, Nadezhda Nikolaevna Ladigina-Kots, an outstanding scientist-zoopsychologist and the author of fundamental investigations, became his assistant engaged in all activities related to internal museum arrangements.
The Central complex of the museum familiarizes the visitors with the natural-size reconstructions of extinct animals. The exposition of the hall “Macroevolution” is devoted to the origins and development of life on the Earth from a molecule to a human being. The exposition illustrates the basic evolution stages: the dawn and extinction of ancient animals, and the humanity’s long path from the first steps on the planet to the investigation of the cosmic space. The exposition of the hall “Zoogeography” familiarizes the visitors with the animal world of islands and continents of the Earth. The major natural complexes of our planet are presented in the hall “Variety of Life on the Earth”: sea, Arctic and Antarctic coasts, tropical forests, African savanna and mountain regions.
The State Darwin Museum is big and interesting. The exposition of the museum impresses everyone who visits it.


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