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Столярова Анна, ученица 10 «В» класса
Государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение города Москвы
средняя общеобразовательная школа №310 «У Чистых прудов».
Учитель английского языка - Беленкова Наталия Марковна.

I’m sixteen. I was born in Moscow and I have lived in Moscow all my life. Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The heart of Moscow is Red Square. It has more historic associations than any other place in Moscow. On the territory of the Kremlin you can see old cathedrals, the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great, the Tzar-Cannon and the Tzar-Bell, the biggest cannon and the most outstanding bell in the world. There are a lot of beautiful palaces, old mansions, cathedrals, churches and monuments in Moscow. Now Moscow is reconstructed and we all hope that in a few years the city will become even more attractive.
Our city is beautiful at any time of a day and a year. But spring makes our city as wonderful as a fairy tale. All apple- and cherry-trees are blooming in the avenues and streets. Bright carpets of flowers cover flower beds and lawns in the city. Moscow looks mysterious at dusk under soft light from the buildings, cathedrals and Kremlin towers; it shows everyone its true beauty. And when the backlight of tall buildings and fountains has been switched on, you feel as if you find yourself in a fairy tale, which you want to last forever.
There are a lot of splendid buildings, wide avenues, large squares, famous monuments and green forest-like parks in Moscow. One of the highest and outstandingl buildings in Moscow is Moscow State University. The university was founded in 1755 by a great Russian scientist and poet Mikhail Lomonosov. Moscow transport system is a great one. You can see a lot of cars, buses, trolley-buses and trams in the streets of the city. Electric trains bring millions of people from and to the suburbs and small towns of Moscow region. I live in Moscow and I am proud of this city


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