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Our Tsaritsyno

Еремина Людмила Александровна, учитель английского языка
Участники: Роговой Сергей, Ткаченко Даниил, Дурнева Арина,
Семенов Александр, 3б: Сидоренко Кирилл

Let us go to Tsaritsyno, my friend! It is a miracle, a magic land.
Let us sit down on a stone at the pond. And let’s look at the past beyond.
There are some palaces, and bridges, and a church to get from God His HollyPurge!
Tsaritsyno is a famous historical estate in the southern part of Moscow. In 1775 Catherine the Second bought it and ordered to plan an English park. Tsaritsyno was built by the Russian architects Vasiliy Bazhenov and Matvey Kazakov. Catherine declared it was «impossible to live at» and the estate was not finished and turned into ruins. In 2007 the residence was reconstructed.
My pupils and I visited the museums and took photos in Taurida’s Hall of the Great Palace.
This place had different names. One of them was Bogorodskoye (Place of the Mother of God). The church in the name of the icon «Our Lady Life-Giving Spring» was built here in 1680s. Its Springs were healthy and used by some royal families to give birth only to boys.
Catherine the Great used to write a lot on the marble surface of the table and got rheumatism of her arms. She received the black mud of the ponds as treatment for it. Later Chernogryaznaya Pustosh was renamed Tsaritsyno.
My grandfather’s house was situated on the bank of the Middle Pond, opposite the island where the musical fountain is now. They say when Catherine the Second walked on the island, she dropped her favourite ring into the water and couldn’t find it. After that she left Tsaritsyno forever and the island got the form of the ring.
During the Second Would War fascists threw a huge bomb on the Great Bridge as a part of the main road, leading to Moscow from Tsaritsyno. It fell into the pond and destroyed our house. My father rebuilt it. You are welcome to new Tsaritsyno!


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