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Амелин Андрей, ученик 9 «А» класса, МОУ СОШ №17, г. Подольск, Московская область
Печкурова Елена Анатольевна, учитель английского языка

A small historical reference. The town was named after Podol village on the 5th of October, 1781 according to the decree by Russian empress Catherine the second. By that time there were 108 houses in the town in which 856 people lived. In the end of the 18th century when Moscow province was divided into districts Podolsk district was formed. By that time there were 355 villages in Podolsk district. Podolsk is famous for its rich limestone – beds on the banks of the Pachra, Desna, and Motcha Rivers for a long time. That extraction of white limestone (necessary for constraction in Moscow) had been the foundation Podolsk developed on. Besides, trade and different handicrafts, such as harness making, jeweller’s art, lace making, beads making, tanning, felting, flourished here. Simultaneously in the 18th -19th centuries in Podolsk famous architects constructed country estates around it. Stone chronicle of our region: “Dubrovitsy” country estate with unique church of “Sign” (the only one in the country), “Ostafyevo”, “Ivanovskoye”, “Voronovo”, “Mikhailovsoye” estates...
The names of people who owned these estates have gone done in history of the Rusian state. There are famous painters, poets, writers, composers among them. A.S.Pushkin, N.V. Gogol, P.I.Tchaikovsky, L.N.Tolstoy, N.M.Karamzin, V.A. Zhukovsky visited these estates. In the second half of the 19th century the town life changed owing to construction of the Kurskaya railway (southbound) which lied through Podolsk. Instead of merchant shops appeared big industrial enterprises. In 1875 the cement works and in 1905 Zinger factory were built. Podolsk geographical location, closeness to Moscow, availability of cheap manpower and ready sale of goods favoured the development of industry. And many more industrial enterprises have been built after the World War II.


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