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Podolsk is an industrial capital of Moscow region

Обрубова Александра, ученица 9 «А» класса, МОУ СОШ №17 г. Подольск, Московская область Печкурова Елена Анатольевна, учитель английского языка

Podolsk is by right named an industrial capital of Moscow region. There is every reason for that. There are about 40 industrial enterprises here; many of them are famous not only in Russia but abroad. The production of these enterprises is popular not only in our country but in the other countries. It is exported into seventy countries. Podolsk was awarded with the order “Labour Red Banner” in 1971. Among industrial enterprises are: “Podolsk machine-building plant” joint company, The Closed Joint-Stock Singer, Podolsk electromechanical works, Experimental Works “LUTCH” Joint-Stock Company, “Podolsk cable works” joint stock company, Joint-stock company “Zavod Microprovod”, “Podolsk experimental cement works” joint stock company, “Podolsk chemical metallurgical plant” joint stock company, “Podolsk house –building plant” joint stock company, “Podolsk stroytechnica works” joint stock company, etc. And now Podolsk maintains all-round contacts with its twin cities abroad. These are Saint-Wayne in France, Kladno in Czechia, Khanko, and Tammisia Pokhia in Finland. Podolsk is interested in the expansion of its international contacts, including business relations. Now there is every reason for that. In June, 1992 the town of Podolsk, Podolsk region enterprises (those of Klimovsk, Serpukhov, Troytsk, and Domodedovo) set up Podolsk chamber of Commerce and Industry. Its main purpose is to develop the enterprise and foreign economic relations. Our military industrial complex becomes more open. More than 20 scientific-research institutes, design office and planning organizations are located in the town of Podolsk and its region. The unique scientific-industrial complex is very effective for cooperation between big scientific-research institutes and industrial enterprises, which are capable of producing various goods.


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