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My native town Podolsk

Захарова Наталья, ученица 9 «А» класса,
МОУ СОШ №17, г. Подольск Московской области
Печкурова Елена Анатольевна, учитель английского языка

Everybody likes the place where he (she) was born. My native town is Podolsk and I like it best of all. It was founded 230 years ago. Podolsk is one of the largest towns in Moscow area. It stands on the banks of the Pachra and the Desna rivers. It is situated about 40 km from Moscow, the capital of Russia. More than 200 thousand people live in the town. Podolsk is famous for its plants and factories. Among them are GIDROPRESS, Cable Factory which are known around the world. The heart of the town is Lenin Square, the central place in Podolsk. Here one can see the monuments to Lenin and to Pushkin, the central bookshop, the Central Exhibition Hall, the House of Local Government. Near this square there is the Troitsky Cathedral. It was erected to commemorate the victory of Russian army in the war in 1812. If you would like to learn more about our town, it is useful to walk along the streets and look around to see historical places, buildings and museums. Going down Kirova Street from Lenin Street you can see the Central Civic and Military Hospitals, the Cinema House “RODINA”. The monument to Podolsk Military Students is situated near the Central Archives of our country. Podolsk becomes the centre of sport. There is the Palace of Sport “VITYAZ” near my school. Podoltchane are fond of going in for sports. There are lots of sports grounds, stadiums, courts. Podolsk is a scientific and cultural centre in Moscow district. There are lots of institutes, libraries, museums, technical schools, colleges and secondary schools. The town leads a varied cultural life. It has cinemas, clubs, and concert halls. The citizens of Podolsk enjoy spending their weekends in parks, forests, gardens. For example, in Tallalichin Park of Culture and Rest people can listen to music, go boating and swimming, children play games and side-shows.
Certainly Podolsk is worth seeing. It’s my native town, I was born here and I love it very much.


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